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Meat and Greenhouse Gases: Fact vs. Fiction

Hi, Everyone,

One of the most common arguments made against consuming animal products is that the production of beef emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG) and contributes to climate change.

For example, here’s an excerpt from The Game Changers, a recent film that advocates for a plant-based diet:

“The livestock sector is responsible for 15 percent of global man-made emissions. So, to put that in perspective, that’s about the same as all the emissions from all the forms of transport in the world, all the planes, trains, cars, vans and ships all added up.”

This 15 percent claim comes from commonly cited statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which found that GHG emissions from cattle are 14.5 percent compared to 14 percent for the entire transportation sector.

However, these statistics are misleading, because the FAO compared a full life cycle analysis (LCA) for livestock with only direct (aka “tailpipe”) emissions from transportation...

Click here to read more and to learn how you can help!

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Skagit River Ranch has been added to the ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program

The ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program connects caring companies to caring consumers and institutions, helping buyers identify, find, and request higher welfare products...

Check out our letter!

GRASS-FED GOALS - Ranch taps into natural abundance

Skagit River Ranch Raises Organic, Pastured Livestock

Nationally recognized Skagit River Ranch is located in the verdant Skagit Valley, north of Seattle, Washington. The 600-acre farm produces organic, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, poultry and eggs. George and Eiko Vojkovich are guided by three main principles: humane treatment of their animals, sustainability and organic production...

Check out this November 2017 article from Acres USA!

Meet the Farmer: Skagit River Ranch

Market founder Judy Kirkhuff shares her experience at Skagit River Ranch Farm.

Adventures at Skagit River Ranch Farm

Skagit River Ranch and Their 3 Guiding Principles

Why does Skagit River Ranch (SRR) meat taste so good? That was the question asked by Capitol Hill and Columbia City Market Manager, Patrick Law, as the NFM team drove up to Sedro Woolley to tour the SRR operation. As we stepped out of the car and into the farm shop, owners Eiko and George Vojkovich greeted us with warm smiles and plenty of coffee.

Has This Restaurant Only Been with Us 10 Years?

Because the revolution it helped ignite has changed things forever.

Check out this article looking back on 10 years of Maria Hine's Tilth and how it revolutionized farm-to-table dining with local farms, such as Skagit River Ranch!

Skagit River Ranch in Seattle Met magazine’s 2016 Food Lover’s Guide article: Meet 15 Washington Farms Putting Food on Your Table - Know your grower! From the fields of rural Washington to your local farmer’s market, here’s a closer look at the people and families making it all happen.

Seattle Met

Pastured turkeys gobble happily in Sedro-Woolley

SEDRO-WOOLLEY -- These may be the happiest turkeys in the Skagit Valley

See our new article in the Skagit Herald!

Supermoms Against Superbugs

Farm Dinner-The Table By The River

Seattle Times Article, “Raising free-range turkeys takes extra effort, Skagit farmers say”

Skagit Valley Herald Article, “It’s No Turkey Shoot”

Click here for a cool blog by Jess Thompson about our turkeys and her recipes

American Meat Movie: Can sustainable farming feed America? Find out on November 13th: educational documentary American Meat is kicking-off its Washington leg of a nationwide Young Farmer Screening Series at the University of Washington, on 11/13, from 6-9pm, in Kane Hall (Room 210, on UW Campus, at 1410 Northeast Campus Parkway). The event at UW is FREE and open to the public. Featured in the film are George & Eiko Vojkovich, grass-based farmers of Washington’s Skagit River Ranch, who will also be joining a pre-reception and panel discussion following the screening at UW......Read More

Greg Atkinson’s New Restaurant
“ Restaurant Marche” on Bainbridge island
serves our organic grass-fed beef and chickens.

Here is the restaurant’s review on Seattle Magagine!

A major benefit to eating organic ground beef: No pink slime
Organic ground beef, which is regulated,
cannot contain the concoction (pink slime).


Click here for some awesome responses!

Marlene's Market & Deli talks about Skagit River Ranch
in her November newsletter:

Skagit River Ranch has been top-rated in producing orgainic eggs.
See the article in The Seattle Times
and the listing on the Cornucopia Egg Scorecard!

Read about Farm Day in The Stranger

GOOD FOOD the movie TV premiere - tune in! Thursday, November 12, 2009 – 10 p.m.
KCTS/9 Seattle and KYVE/47 Yakima
[please note: KCTS is available in many locations, including Vancouver BC]

Skagit River Ranch is one of the farms featured in GOOD FOOD. The first TV broadcast follows screenings in many festivals, some theaters, university classes, and many food and farming activist settings.

Brief description of the program:

As we discover how precarious the global food system may be, something remarkable is happening in the fields and orchards of the Pacific Northwest. After leaving the land for 50 years, family farmers are making a comeback. They are growing much healthier food, and more food per acre, while using less energy and water than factory farms. For decades Northwest agriculture has been focused on a few big crops for export. But climate change and the end of cheap energy mean that each region needs to produce more of its own food and to grow it more sustainably. GOOD FOOD visits innovative farmers, farmers’ markets, stores, restaurants and public officials who are developing a more sustainable food system for all.

Seattle Art Museum Restaurant "TASTE" has a new portrait blog site with photos by Clare Barboza, featuring Skagit River Ranch. Taste site

Clare Barboza's blog features many photos of
George andEiko and Skagit River Ranch.

Clare Barboza's blog (many photos)

People ask why our eggs are so popular!
Read “Mother Earth News” (October-November 2007)
to see why our eggs are so superior to conventional eggs.