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Wagyu (known as Kobe beef) was developed in Japan in the 2nd century and is known for its extraordinary genetic traits of tenderness and flavor. We have introduced the breed to some of our existing Angus herd four years ago to create an extra tenderness to our already award winning beef. We already have the cleanest, humanely raised, organic grass-fed beef, but we now added the extra tenderness and sweet flavor of Wagyu to our genetics. Local residents can find our Wagyu beef at our farmer’s market booths.
In the Wall Street Journal, May 8, 2010, Mark Schatzker said,

“...If you should find grass-fed Wagyu, buy it..." read the whole article

What I notice the most about Skagit River Ranch’s Wagyu is the sweet buttery flavor in the marbling and the fat. It is a unique flavor combination of the “sweet buttery” Wagyu and of the “clean grass-fed” Angus. It’s exciting that we can get this delicious meat locally!

Executive Chef, Taichi Kitamura
Sushi Kappo Tamura Restaurant

"I am very proud to be the supplier of Skagit River Ranch’s Full-blood Wagyu Bulls. I have been raising my Fullblood Wagyu cattle, whose genetics are fully traceable to the original Japanese breed, for 20 years. Crossed with George’s award-winning Angus herds that are organically and so humanely raised, the beef will be undoubtedly excellent. My hat’s off to George and Eiko for all their hard work."
Ralph Valdez, Owner/Crescent Harbor Ranch
Past President, American Wagyu Association

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