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SOLD OUT for 2020
This is to inform you that our bulk beef (including beef and pork family packs) is completely sold out for 2020. We have a high rate of returning customers, but with the Covid-19 situation, our customers have all renewed and even increased their orders quickly. Sorry for our potential customers, but if you would like us to put you on our waitlist, please email us. If you have ordered in the past, please let us know that as well. In the meantime, Social Distancing Meat Program is still going, providing our customers with products weekly at specific pick up locations. This list is updated every Monday, please take advantage of that. Thank you

Bulk Beef Prices Price/Hang wt Est. Weight
Est. Total $



275 lbs



140 lbs

Pick Up Locations & Available Dates:

Our Farm Store (Saturdays 10-5pm) &

University Farmer’s Markets (Saturdays 9-2 pm):

September 26, October 17, November 14

Ballard Farmer’s Market (Sundays 10-3pm):

September 27, October 18, November 15

**You will receive your confirmation of your pick up date within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Please do your very best to stick to the dates once set. Changing dates causes real problems for us due to tight freezer space.