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Has This Restaurant Only Been with Us 10 Years?

Because the revolution it helped ignite has changed things forever.

Check out this article looking back on 10 years of Maria Hine's Tilth and how it revolutionized farm-to-table dining with local farms, such as Skagit River Ranch!

Certified Humane

Skagit River Ranch beef is now Certified Humane!

At Skagit River Ranch, we have 3 principles we hold dear to our hearts:

  1. Humane treatment of animals
  2. Sustainable farming by being a good steward of the land
  3. Certified Organic practices with no chemicals or pesticides

Our customers who know us personally already know how we treat our animals, so the “Certified Humane” label is just a reminder that we remain committed to the process. For customers who do not know us yet, hopefully this will give you a glimpse of who we are as farmers.

George and Eiko Vojkovich
Skagit River Ranch

A must read although pretty scary.18% of conventional beef samples were contaminated with superbugs that are resistant...

Posted by Skagit River Ranch on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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