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Quarter Beef
<SPAN STYLE="font-size: 16pt">Quarter Beef</span>

Estimated Price: $1,400.00

Quantity in Stock:(Out of Stock)

NON-refundable deposit of $300 will be charged upon ordering. Final amount will be based on HANGING WEIGHT, and the remainder will be due upon the pick up.

Description Avg. Size # Customizing Suggestions
Steaks New York 10 oz. 4
Filet Mignon 6 oz. 2 (1 per pkg.)
Ribeye 10 oz. 4 Prime Rib Roast available for 1/2 Beef only
Top Sirloin 8 oz. 2 Great Steaks
Sirloin Tip 8 oz. 3 Roast is an option
Top Round 8 oz. 2 You can make all Top Round to Stirfry, stew or roast
Stirfry (Top Round) 1lb 3 Thinly sliced meats, great for quick Stirfry. Very popular cut, a customer favorite
Misc. Tri-Tip, Flank, Skirt, etc 2
Roasts Chuck Roast 2-3lbs 5 Most popular roast. Chuck Steak is an option
Arm Roast 3-4lbs 4 Good pot roast. Bone-in.
Eye of Round Roast 2lbs 2 Lean roast. Stew Meat is an option
Cross Rib Roast 2lbs 2 Good pot roast or Stew Meat
Other Ground Beef 1lb 44
Stew Meat (Bottom Rd) 1lb 5 You can make some into roasts
Shanks 2lbs 5
Short Ribs 2lbs 6 2" thick. Great braising meat, we can also do 3/8" oriental ribs - 1/2 beef only
Back Ribs 1lb 1
Brisket 3-4lbs 4 Usually cut into half (3-4lbs) unless specified
Estimated Total (lbs) 100
Bones Soup bones 5 Makes great beef broth (we have a great recipe!). Or for your dogs
Organs Heart 2 Makes great dog/cat food, too
Liver 3

A Few Pointers:
- Organ Meats & Bones: If you want them, please indicate. Since many people don't want them, we don't include them unless requested at the time of order.
You can always grind any cuts into Ground Beef. You can make any roasts into Stew Meat.
- Top Round - we highly recommend Stirfry rather than steaks. Thinly sliced (1/8") and easy to marinate for your BBQ or stirfry dish. This is the only cut we use for stirfry.
- You can make steaks thicker or thinner (although 3/4" - 1" cut we do is proven and popular thickness)
- Sorry, no beef patties in Bulk Beef Orders. We only do our 1lb package for burger.
- Any questions, please call!

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