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> Edmonds Farmers Market
Our Edmonds Farmers Market Customers

We are sorry that we WON’T be seeing you at the Edmonds Market, although we had every intention of doing so. Let me explain.

Apparently all 3 of the meat vendors from the market complained to the Board that Skagit River Ranch (allegedly) took too much of their business away last year. I say “allegedly” because we were not required to report sales at this market, how does the Board even verify that information, I don’t know. At any rate, the board sided with them and in January
we were told NOT to come back.

We reminded them that we are the only certified organic meat producer and that the customers deserve this choice and to kick out the farmers just because they do too well is never a good idea. After some discussions, they told us we can come back in starting this summer, thus giving the other meat endors “a head start” in sales in the spring.

My husband, George then finally put his foot down and said, “I am not sending my wife and her crew in to this hostile environment where other farmers don’t want you, and the board don’t support you”. And I agree.

We will still be doing the University Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, about 15 minutes away. Hope to see you there.

"A Sustainable Rural economy will depend on urban consumers loyal to local products. Therefore, we are talking about an economy that will always be more cooperative than competitive.” Wendell Berry

(17 Rules For Sustainable Local Community)