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Certified Organic Pasture-raised Chickens

Our broiler chickens are grown outdoors in movable pens where they can roam freely on green pastures in the fresh air. They eat grass and organic grain supplemented with flaxseed and sea kelp to help ensure they have plenty of vitamins and trace minerals. These are exceptionally flavorful chickens that average 3-4 pounds. Many of our customers tell us they save the bones and scraps to make amazing soup stock.

" …. I noticed that you had chickens at Madison, and I thought Hmm, ought to do a little compare and contrast in the chicken arena. Oh ... my .... gosh. My grandma used to keep chickens, and I thought I'd never taste their like again. Yours are that good -- that good! Thank you so, so much for pasturing your chickens and keeping them healthy without all kinds of bad drugs and butchering them humanely, because I've got to tell you, they are the best-tasting chickens I've had since Grandma died in 1967."
Yours warmly, A Very Satisfied Seattle Customer

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